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Our employees are our important asset. Our Human Resource Personnel & administration department looks after the employees recruitment, appraisals, performance analysis, and day to day other activities, welfare, medical benefits, conveyance facilities, maintains their personal records and controls their regularity. It also took care of the security for the organization along with maintaining the policies of corporate discipline.

Training cell in an integral part of our HR Department. The training cell performs at two levels INTERNAL TRAINING and EXTERNAL TRAINING. The major objective of Internal Training is to groom our employees with latest trends & features of organization for rectifying problems, developing new operational, behavioral and technical skills etc. On other part the External Trainings are performed with an objective to groom the field level activities for sales & service personal in Marketing department.

We also organize Motivational camps, Cultural activities, Yoga & Meditation Camps to increase the physical stamina of our employees. These activities are performed with a belief that a healthy individual can only perform result oriented task.

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