2012 Product launch in eastern region, Advanced Computerized Machining& Fabricating equipments installed.
2011 REO DIESEL-RE launched with rear mounted engine, Unit –II Introduced for Spare Parts Division (SPD), Press Machine, and Shear Machine & Bending machines Introduced.
2010 In House Machining of Spare parts started to keep control on quality of vehicle performance.
2009 VMC, HMC, CNC Installed and started production of spare parts.
2008 New model REO Diesel Launched with front mounted engine. Dealer Network Expansion.
2007 Variants of KRANTI K-16/K-17/K-18/K-19 Launched
2006 In house Chassis Fabrication unit set-up.
2005 Company incorporated and rolled out 1st Kranti Model on 5th Sep 2005
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