Production Facility

  1. MANUFACTURING - HI-tech and well equipped  Machine shop with CNC, VMC & HMC are installed for machining of precision spare parts. For sheet metal works, Shear press & sheet metal cutting press, bending machines are facilitated for production of chassis and vehicle body fabrication. With the current facility KAPL is capable to produce 2000 vehicles per month. It will be extended very shortly.

  2. ASSEMBLING – A hi-tech assembly line is being used for symmetric production process, reducing lesser time, to make the product cost effective and to make balance between demand & supply.

  3. Welding – Using hi-quality Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Seam Welding, MIG Brazing, MIG, TIG & Arc Welding.

  4. Testing Facilities : Various types of tests are being done.

    1. Mechanical and Chemical composition tester
    2. Cupping Tester
    3. Universal Tensile Tester
    4. Destructive / Non Destructive Testing for welding joints
    5. 3 D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
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