R & D

The department is dedicated to work for research and development. The team is devoted to do a team work for developing existing & new products. The team is supervised by well experienced and qualified engineers. The core objective of the department is to produce a customer centric product at the lowest price. Also aims to explore the economic ways of manufacturing process.

KAPL have deep knowledge of the public transport vehicles and also done an extensive research on the requirement and the actual need of the customer, which resulted in development of the most suitable Light Transport Vehicles and Spare Parts for the transportation of Passengers, Goods and other applications.

Design Facilities

  1. CATIA Software
  2. Product Design Packs
  3. Power Mills with 3-Axis CAM software
  4. Ideas to UG Software
  5. CAE Software for Analysis of Design.
  6. Auto CAD.

Machine Shop & Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

  1. Horizontal Machining Centre HMC-500m
  2. Vertical Machining Centre VMC-600m
  3. Precision machines and equipments.
  4. Shear & Bending Machines
  5. Sheet Metal CNC cutting Machine.

Testing Facilities

  1. Transmission Testing equiepments.
  2. Testing Rigs.
  3. MGR Test Track.
  4. Field Testing Facility.
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