REO Diesel-RE

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Rear mounted Powerful G 435 A III Greaves Diesel Engine Heigh Torque & Power output at low engine RPM. Lube Oil & Air Cooled Engine. EGR & Catylitic Converter. Warning Indication for Air Filter Clogging and Oil Pressure Drop. Heigher earning & Lower Maintenance Cost
Aero Dyanamic Front Design Low air resistance Smooth driving
Monocoque Chassis Easy to bear load even on toughest roads Less wear & Tear
Unlimited Km Warranty till 8 Months Low maintenance cost Hassle Free Earning.
Hi-Tech Paint Process
Anti Corrosion Coating on Body Panels before Painting which Prevents Corrosion of Body Parts.
Long Life new look
Wheelbase of 2000mm
No Chance of Vehicle Front Lifting During Loaded Drives on Flyovers/Briedges
Safety for Passengers & Goods driving on road
Multy Plate wet clutch Long life of clutch Low Maintenance Cost.
Single Front Suspension with Antidive Link
Effective Vibration Damping and Smoother Ride
Better Road Grip in Rough Terrains.
Hi-Beam Halogen Headlamp
40% More Brightness and Visibility than Ordinary Bulbs
Safe Driving in low light
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